Alphalift Management Policy
   The management policy of Alphalift Ltd is directed to  fully satisfy our customer needs, continuously quality increasing of the proposed products and working conditions by efficiently use of human, material and financial resources. For the achievement of the  company policy, the management and the team members created, imported and maintain a system, our products quality control.

   The policy of our organization is oriented to stabilize and increase the profit by efficient manufacturing and sales. We defend our place on the market and realize our social mission, which includes opening new work places, good salary and correct relationships with our partners.

   The management states it’s responsibility and pursuit of all law regulations applying  to our business.

  The management is engaged to assure resources and conditions necessary to increase the efficiency of our Integrated management system.We state the commitment to realize global and particular goals regarding the field of Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Service according to the OHSAS18001 regulations.
   Knowledge, skills, experience and ambitions are evolutionary factors, which guarantee that we can earn and harden the trust of our customers. For us quality means our customers and employees satisfaction. The organization of courses, pre-qualifications, and trainings  gives the ability of our employees to meet the challenge of the future. The quality of each employee, department and process activities is a guarantee for prosperity.

   The current policy will be periodically updated and changed  to assure it’s adequacy. All updates and changes will be announce. The management states it’s fully involvement and responsibility regarding the achievement of the current policy for manage and execution of all law regulations.
The elevator control company
  • Reliable and secure lift controllers.
  • Elevator components and accessories.
  • Research and development for elevator systems.