Frequency Invertor


Panel Mount – Standard drive modules
Power Range - 0.37kW - 132kW
Global Power Supplies - 200/400/575/690Volts

Unidrive SP Panel Mount drives are standard AC input, AC output modules for installation within a control panel. The modules are easy to install and commission and can be applied in a wide range of applications.Unidrive SP can be easily configured to operate as a regenerative, active front end with power factor control, eliminating harmonics and returning excess braking energy to the supply, further reducing your energy costs.


Unidrive SP can be configured using the keypad to operate in the following modes

  • Open loop V/Hz AC drive
  • Open loop Vector AC drive
  • Closed loop AC drive
  • AC servo amplifier  for rotary and linear motors
  • Regenerative (Active) power supply

Three Control Techniques click in option modules slots allow the drive to be uniquely customized 
to your application allowing you to select the level of intelligence, connectivity and I/O you need.


  • Rotor Flux Control (RFC), a standart feature on Unidrive SP, 
    is a step forward in open loop motor control resulting in near 
    closed loop performance with no feedback device
  • Ethernet connectivity allows global drive access for monitoring,
    configuring, and troubleshooting
  • Product performance and realiability has been proven in hundreds 
    of thousands applications
  • Operations with global power supplies - 200V, 400V, 575V and 690V
  • Worlwide product expertise and support
  • Worlwide certifications




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