AMC 528 VS


 For the less complex of control systems we have a range of low cost AMC 528  VS controllers available. The control board  can be used for up to 8 floors down collective with one manually operated door and one power operated door.It is used only for simplex traction or hydraulic elevators. Has 12 I/O terminals working with 12 VDC common ground and safety chain 48 DC.An optional module can be used for another additional manual and power doors.


Types of Lifts
   Electrical Single Speed
   Electrical Dual Speed
   Hydraulic (1,2,3 or 4 valves, Bucher) 
   8 Stops Normal, Down Collective,
Safety Chain
   4 terminal inputs, 48 DC
   8 outputs, 12VDC
   7 Segment
   Matrix / LCD


  • Led Status Indicators for all inputs and outputs 
  • Opto-isolation on all inputs
  • Output isolation via relay contacts 
  • Up and down relevelling  for
        hydraulic  and VVVF application 
  • Integrated Dispatching up to 4 Cars 
  • RTC and Flash onboard  
  • Detailed Error and Event Log 
  • Temperature control onboard 
  • Over 200 parameters for fine tunning 
  • Motor Termal Protection Terminals onboard 
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