Traction VVF Control Panel


   All types of technologies can be accommodated with our traction controllers:  star/triangle/softstart, electric 2 speeds, with inverter  (open or closed loop).Our company specialized in custom designed traction control panels.We have over 200 schemes  for traction lifts.
Depending on the customers needs we are offering different  types of control  boards,  frequency invertors and electric modules for elevator control.
Gamma control board uses high performance microprocessor technology insuring a  high level of reliability, superb leveling accuracy, repeatable performance, and easy installation and upgrading.


Type of Lift
   Electic with VVF application
  16 Stops Full Collective
Star-triangle switching
  Emergency parking
  Emergency doors
  Two passage doors
  Integrated dispatching up to 4 cars
  Up and down  relevelling


GAMMA 51 Control Boardgamma_2



Opto-isolation on all inputs  
Output isolation via relay contacts  
Integrated dispatching up to 4 cars  
Detailed Error and Event Log   
Temperature control onboard   
Over 200 parameters for fine tunning   
Motor Termal Protection Terminals onboard  
24 Terminal inputs with common ground,12VDC 
ModBUS RTU Software connectiong with
Building Management systems

Frequency Invertor


Fine set launching and stopping
Assure long engine life
Fine elevator positioning
Electric efficiency with reproducing
electricity back in the network
Internal brake resistor and overload
External EMC filter and controller
SM Keypad

Phase control

Control of the existing and consecutive 
of phases.

48V DC ChargerDC_charger



 Led Status indicators for all inputs and outputs 
Optimal Battery Charge Wide range 
ability from 48V - 100V.

AWB Emergency Block


Runs 12V battery charger
Error blocking monitoring
Emergency power for
intercom and lights

Safety Features


Engine safety switch


Automatic electric safety switch

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