Alphalift brings together expertise in consulting, engineering and technology for the design and management of elevator control systems. We bring years of experience in planning, hardware and software developments for elevator controls systems. 

    Our qualified consultants provide clear analysis, cost effective recommendations and attention to details.  A look at our Projects shows the diversity of work we have undertaken – each one a unique solution with its own structural considerations.
    We strive to go beyond technical competence, adding innovation and imagination to our approach to problem solving, evaluating alternate options and executing the most cost-effective solutions that meet the projects requirements and our clients expectations.

      We offer:
  • Maintanance proposes 
  • Upgrades and modernization packages  
  • Preparation of specifications for electric and hydraulic elevators  
  • Design information on electrical power requirements 
  • Develop solutions for elevator systems for non-conventional building situations  
  • Development of full electrical and structural schedule 
  • Hardware and Software developments

        Now you can extend the life of your existing elevator systems and achieve the efficient operation.That modern public buildings, commercial properties and housing developments demand.We will bring you the benefits of new technology to enhance appearance, improve performance and ensure economic operation.

       From basic upgrades to complete refurbishment, we will work with you to achieve practical solutions with minimum disruption, a staged approach to suit your requirements and all to the latest standards.
      Our team  provides excellent services in technical support and resolution of technical problems.We provide immediate telephone support  response on difficult technical queries occur.
      Troubleshooting most types of controllers is made simple with the issue of diagnostic tools to our service engineers. Our library of technical publications is a very important knowledge to our service engineers.Types of elevators, different manufacturers, manuals containing adjustment data, diagnostic and technical details are kept up to date with the latest development s in technology. 

The elevator control company
  • Reliable and secure lift controllers.
  • Elevator components and accessories.
  • Research and development for elevator systems.